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Nourishing Tainan with Wind&Bones: Food · Stories · Philosophy

Food Nourishes Our Bodies. Stories nourish our spirit. Philosophy nourishes our mind.

Hello, we are Dr. Hannah Stevens and Dr. Will Buckingham. Together, we direct Wind&Bones CIC, a social enterprise dedicated to writing and social change.

In December 2023, we are honored to be the Writers in Residence at Nanning Literature House in Tainan. We are deeply interested in exploring the connections between food, culture, stories, and philosophy. During our residency, we will delve into the rich culinary culture of Tainan.

On this website, you can read updates from our residency. You can also read stories other people have shared with us. And you can contribute stories of your own .

Or you can come and join us for afternoon tea at the Nanning Literature House!

滋養台南:食物 · 故事 · 哲學


您好,我們是Hannah Stevens博士和Will Buckingham博士,共同經營Wind&Bones CIC,一家致力於寫作和社會變革的社會企業。


在這個網站上,您可以查看我們駐地期間的最新消息。同時,您還可以閱讀其他人與我們分享的故事。如果您有自己的故事想要分享,請隨時透過聯絡表單 告訴我們。